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  • AR CHRISSY: Other

    DEAR CHRISSY: Other readers suggested letter writing (and a personalized video message) as potential solutions to this problem. If the children and this person are alerted beforehand, they will know whom to turn to in case Mom predeceases her husband

  • I too am in tech,

    I too am in tech, have owned and sold several companies, mostly based in Berkeley, and I have hired more than 1,000 people, both software and hardware engineers along with support staff. 2017 is the peak of tech employment, last year it was 2016, the

  • The following three

    The following three burger recipes use three different meats. The turkey burger has cheese built right into it which helps add fat content into the meat, as turkey is so lean. I topped the burger with sliced tomato, avocado and a simple mayonnaise. T

  • Show starts

    Show starts at 7:30. Tickets cost $12 in advance, $15 at the door. All ages.. After months or years of increasing sexual tension, two leads finally admit that they love each other and want to be together. This usually occurs with a passionate kiss an

  • The Institute’

    The Institute's report said that "it has never been easier, financially, to raise children in Canada." Phew, what a relief. Just out of curiosity I scanned the report for the grisly financial comparisons from 1978 Medicine Hat or 1922 Montreal or 186

  • controller KSI terminal

    You should see full battery voltage (minus the polarity diode drop). The controller KSI terminal should also be getting full battery voltage. Verify this by connecting the voltmeter ( ) to the controllers B terminal, and the voltmeter (+) to the cont

  • Operation Smoke Out started in Decemb

    Operation Smoke Out started in December 2011. In that time, officers have raided dozens of stores across Illinois. State law says store owners can't sell any drugs that don't have a list of ingredients on the packaging. First Photo: Iao Intermediate

  • 18 Dontae Jamar Howard (23, Yorktown

    18 Dontae Jamar Howard (23, Yorktown) shot in the 300 block of York Street. Two other shooting victims sustained minor injuries. Howard died at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital on Dec. Everyone knows that you get what you pay for. Few companies opera

  • Firstly, it’s a great, quaint watering

    Firstly, it's a great, quaint watering hole (a replica of Lord Alexander Forrest's residence) and secondly, as my colleague The Baker and I mention several times during this meal, where else will you find a $10 steak in the CBD on a Friday evening?.

  • Things a real Operation Lifesaver

    Things a real Operation Lifesaver would ask!!!1. Why are all OL directors handpuppets of the railroad or government only giving lip service safety messages?2. Why nothing is ever mentioned by OL that would cost the railroads a penny on the obviously

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